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Safety & Security

The Old Las Palmas neighborhood is both beautiful and safe yet, even here from time to time, untoward events occur. Recently, gardeners have reported incidents of tools and equipment being stolen by thieves taking advantage of open gates while the gardeners were working. So warn your gardener to be watchful and alert to strangers accessing your property while they are there.

By each of us making a practice of following those few simple security measures, miscreants will be inclined to take their mischief to more easily penetrable environments:

• Keep all the doors locked when you are away - even for a short time - and make a habit of always arming your security system when going out the door.
• Test your alarm system regularly.
• Don’t make your home vulnerable when you’re on vacation. Get to know your neighbors and ask them to pick up newspapers, phonebooks, UPS notices and anything that may accumulate at your gate or door your while you are gone.
• Keep perimeter and outdoor lights lit from dusk, and when you’re away, place a few interior lights on timers.
• Maintain photo records of your belongings.
• Be a good neighbor. Report any suspicious activity.

Old Las Palmas has two Neighborhood Police Officers and a Police Supervisor assigned to our neighborhood on daily patrol. We are asked to report any suspicious activity and neighborhood issues to these police officers who are assigned to Old Las Palmas. They are:

Officer Leandra Gossett -
Officer Rhett Arden -
Police Supervisor Sgt Kelly Fieux - 760- 778-8440 x6305
Police Manager Lt. Paul Abshire - 760-323-8119
Code Officer David Recio - 760-322-8364 x8728

If a resident has a non-emergency issue they can send an e-mail to the police officer or sergeant (supervisor) of our neighborhood. They can either request help, provide information and/or ask a question. If you do not get a response back by the next day, send that e-mail to the lieutenant. 

Desert Alarm, the current neighborhood patrol service, has determined that it is in their best interests to resign from patrolling our neighborhood, effective May 31, 2017. 
We are pleased to introduce a new patrol service, Intergraded Security Management Group (ISMG) -
If you are interested in signing up or learning more about ISMG, you may contact Ms. Ashley Olguin at ISMG at 951-545-5452 (cell) or at 909-510-4358 ext. 8102, or email your contact phone number to and ISMG will reach out to you.
Ashley, or one of her associates, will then explain their program to you.  You may also download the service agreement HERE to view more information on the various levels of service and to sign-up when you’re ready.

Download the following files in PDF:
Tips For Securing Your Home
Secure Your Home
Crime Protection Tips
Burglary Protection Tips
No Soliciting
I.D. Theft Prevention Tips
OLPNO ISMG Service Agreement