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Neighborhood Guidelines

Most residents value exterior lighting that is only as bright as necessary for safety and security. Dim exterior lighting preserves better viewing of the stars and our beautiful night sky.

Residents place their trash and recycling bins out on the day of collection or after 5:00 PM the evening before pick-up. Check on the Palm Springs Disposal website ( for the current pickup days as they might change from year to year. Recyclables are always collected first.

Residents appreciate when having a large party that you use the parking spaces in front of your house first and make sure that your guests do not block driveways or entries to your neighbors’ properties.

Many of our neighbors have hedges as an integral part of their street and backyard landscaping. Though we all appreciate the added privacy and security these hedges provide we also have become aware of the need for continued height maintenance so as not to impede our neighbors’ views.

Some neighbors have arranged to have service appointments “batched” among residents (one landscape service can schedule appointments for multiple neighbors back-to-back, rather than coming and going over multiple days). These appointments are best scheduled Monday through Thursday whenever possible and Friday if necessary and not before 7:00 AM please!

Another great item to batch is the spring trimming of palm trees. Remember the extreme winds can cause your untrimmed palm tree to damage neighbors’ swimming pools as well as your own.

Most residents are sensitive to noise, especially beginning Friday afternoons and through the weekends, and generally before 8:00 and after 10:00 PM. Please try to limit noise

If you are having work being done, especially outdoors (gardeners, landscapers, exterior home repairs or other service), please try to have workers there after 8:00 AM if at all possible. Except for emergency repairs, Palm Springs city ordinance [8.04.220] legally allows construction work from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM Monday through Friday and from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Saturdays. Construction work and other repairs are prohibited on Sundays and holidays. Work outside of permitted hours should be reported to code compliance.

Many of your neighbors have and love dogs. All dogs bark from time to time, but please be considerate of your neighbors and limit your dog’s barking whenever possible. Do not leave your dog outside unattended. Please curb and pick-up after your dog when walking through the neighborhood.

All of our A/C and pool equipment makes noise so please be aware of the noise of your equipment as it ages and repair or replace overly noisy mechanical equipment.

Palm Springs has strict ordinances and guidelines for rental and event houses. If you rent your house, please be aware of these rules and adhere to them. For up-to-date information and requirements please visit the City’s Vacation Rentals website.