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Neighborhood Committees

In addition to the Advisory Committee, we have standing sub-committees to address specific needs. They are:

This committee produces the newsletter, website and the Old Las Palmas app (coming soon).
This committee brings forward ideas to beautify our neighborhood.  Previous projects include re-bricking and painting the church parking lot wall at Alejo and Belardo, landscaping OLPNO medians, and adding screens to the fencing on  the easements at Belardo and Patencio.
This committee oversees collection of dues to OLPNO and distribution of funds in the appropriate manner.
This committee will compile a list of worthy causes and create events which provide funding for identified charities.
This committee handles all aspects of membership.
This committee helps to update and keep the OLPNO members informed on all security matters.  The committee established the location of our security cameras and works with our patrol service, Desert Alarm.
This committee develops a welcome packet for new residents and welcomes new homeowners to the neighborhood.

If you are interested in volunteering on any of these committees to help further our goals, please contact us at


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